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Industry Special Gas Dryer

Refrigerated Gas Dryers

Improve Efficiency and Protect Equipment

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Pipeline quality natural gas still contains significant amounts of moisture. In fact, temperatures in the 50 F (11 C) range can be the dew point for compressed natural gas. When moisture condenses and mixes with impurities in the gas, it can create a corrosive mixture that can damage equipment and affect delivery.

In addition, as more companies look to biogas reclaimed from landfills or other sources, there is even more need to consider drying the gas source. Biogas sources may have widely varying moisture content, plus new types of impurities, such as siloxanes, can create highly abrasive or corrosive issues within pipes and system equipment. Efficient gas drying can resolve these issues and improve the efficiency and consistency of processes using biogas sources.

Next Air & Gas Refrigerated Compressed Air/Gas Dryers can solve these issues cost effectively. View our systems here.

Dryer model NoFlow-Rate (SCFM)Connections IN-OUTPower supply V/Ph/HZDimensions (Inches) A (width)Dimensions (inches) B (length)Dimensions (inches) C (height)Weight (Ibs)
15-RHP153/8″ NPT115/1/60, 230/1/6015181962
30-RHP303/8″ NPT115/1/60, 230/1/6015181964
40-RHP403/8″ NPT115/1/60, 230/1/6015181971
50-RHP501/2″ NPT115/1/60, 230/1/6014192479
80-RHP801/2″ NPT115/1/60, 230/1/6014192482
100-RHP1003/4″ NPT115/1/60, 230/1/60202533119
140-RHP1403/4″ NPT115/1/60, 230/1/60202533130
180-RHP1801″ NPT115/1/60, 230/1/60222934185
260-RHP2601″ NPT230/1/60222934192
350-RHP3501″ NPT230/1/60222934240
450-RHP4501 1/2″ NPT230/1/60232649293
550-RHP5501 1/2″ NPT460/3/60232649309
700-RHP7002″ NPT460/3/60244663511
900-RHP9002″ NPT460/3/60244663525
1100-RHP11002″ NPT460/3/60244663573
1400-RHP1400FL. ANSI. 2 1/2″460/3/604060701213
1750-RHP1750FL. ANSI. 2 1/2″460/3/604060701279

Energy Saving Refrigerated Air Dryers

  • Alarm digital controller with remote
  • Aluminum cooling technology for efficient heat transfer, reduced energy consumption and
  • pressure drop
  • Constant pressure hot-gas bypass valve for precise pressure dew point control over full range of load conditions
  • Fan pressure switch on all models — dryer can operate in ambient temperatures as low as 35º F
  • Robust controls on large dryers — all three-phase dryers come standard with NEMA 12
  • Electrical, thermal overload protection and refrigeration low- and high-pressure safety switches
  • Oversized condensers — allows dryers to operate in ambient temperatures in excess of standard conditions

High Inlet Air Temperature Dryers

  • Every model equipped with an aftercooler
  • Every model has an integral 3 micron separator filter with drain
  • Inlet Temperature up to 210º F
  • Aluminum cooling technology— Air-to-air, air-to-refrigerant separator module with efficient heat transfer, reduced energy consumption and low pressure drop
  • Constant pressure hot-gas bypass valve for precise pressure dew point control over full operating range
  • Fan pressure switch on all models — dryer can operate in ambient temperatures as low as 35º F
Dual easy-to-service programmable electronic timer drains — one for the aftercooler, the second for the dryer-separator

Aluminum Modular Dryers

  • Compact design
  • Precise dew point control
  • Fan control standard.=
  • Excellent performance even in installations with high ambient and high inlet temperatures. The highly efficient and ultra-compact heat exchanger is able to operate effectively in ambient temperatures up to 115º F and inlet temperatures of 130º F with minimal pressure drop.
  • Economy of operation: dryers are sized to match standard compressor outputs–e.g., a 10 HP (7.5kW) air compressor with theoretical output of 50 scfm at 100 psig matches the dryer rated at 50 scfm. It is therefore unnecessary to select a larger model.
  • Environmentally friendly construction: all components are easily recycled. Only environmentally friendly refrigerants are used.