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Oil/Water Separators

Remove Liquids And Particles Down to 10 Microns

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Next Air & Gas separators use the proven method of centrifugal force to separate the entrained liquid from the compressed air. The trapped water accumulates at the bottom and is periodically removed by an electronic timer drain valve.

With proper sizing and, these separators can eliminate 99% of all entrained liquids and particles that are 10 microns and larger in size.

Industry-Standard Performance
And Exceptional Quality

Standard Features

ModelFlow rate (SCFM) Inlet/Outlet (Inches)Max. Pressure (PSIG)Weight (Lbs)Drain (Inches)
35-LS353/8 NPT2301.74-Jan
50-LS501/2 NPT2301.74-Jan
75-LS753/4 NPT23024-Jan
125-LS1251 NPT23052-Jan
200-LS2001 1/2 NPT2305.82-Jan
300-LS3001 1/2 NPT2306.42-Jan
450-LS4501 1/2 NPT2308.42-Jan
600-LS6002 NPT23016.52-Jan
900-LS9002 1/2 NPT230222-Jan
1500-LS15003 NPT230552-Jan