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Mist Eliminator

Mist Elimination Filter

Stop Oil And Water Before They Get Into Your Air System.

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Next Air & Gas Mist Elimination Filters are the first defense against oil mist or water in the intake system for industrial compressed air. The filters capture contaminants in ambient air, which in a plant atmosphere my include both water and oil from machine operation.

Mist Elimination Filters can also protect downstream filters, keeping them cleaner and providing longer filter life with less maintenance cost.

Sized at 100 psig inlet air pressure, 100 F inlet air temperature.

Technical Data

  • 150 psig   Maximum Operating Pressure
  • 212º F   Maximum Operating Temperature
  • 35º F   Minimum Operating Temperature
Model No. Inlet (CFM)Inlet/Outlet ConnectionsElement Number
125-MEF1252” NPTT125-MEF
250-MEF2502” NPTT250-MEF
500-MEF5002” NPTT500-MEF
1000-MEF10003” FLGT1000-MEF
1200-MEF12003” FLGT1200-MEF
1500-MEF15004” FLGT1500-MEF
2000-MEF20004” FLGT2000-MEF
3000-MEF30004” FLGT3000-MEF
4500-MEF45006” FLGT4500-MEF
6000-MEF60006” FLGT6000-MEF
8000-MEF80008” FLGT8000-MEF
10000-MEF1000010” FLGT10000-MEF
12000-MEF1200012” FLGT12000-MEF
Maximum Operating PressureMaximum Operating TemperatureMinimum Operating Temperature
150 psig212º F35º F